Acceptance, ironically, is all about non-acceptance. Life thrives on contradiction, on clashing desires and polarized energies. Beauty and meaning depend on the conflict of living forms and atomic trajectories. The majesty of the Himalayas wouldn’t grace the earth without the ancient and ongoing strife beneath its surface. Indeed, dissension is at the core of the universe’s most lively and brilliant animations. Learning to concede this reality is paramount to sustaining our spontaneity and faith in the present moment. It allows us to carry forth without the security of certainty or crystallized resolution. Accepting disharmony as a part of life is essential to living in harmony with Life. A handful of different and often divergent energies flow through us at any given moment, and it is not in our best interest to require their reconciliation. That can only lead to further discord. Rather, it is our purpose to hold them all with a dutiful embrace. To love the absence of love. To have faith in a lack of faith. To accept non-acceptance. To step boldly into the brilliant darkness of imperfection.

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