Here at Home is a progression of entries inspired by insight into the spiritual essence of humanity. A passion for metaphor and verbal eloquence shines light upon the profound intuition that struck the author years ago in the midst of a life-and-death resolve to find spiritual liberation.

Its aphoristic style traverses four sections characterized as follows:
The Witness reminds readers of their true nature, beneath the incessant bustle of thoughts, feelings, and the world without. It alludes to our essence as “space,” “presence,” and a “witness” to all which animates our each waking moment.
A Radical Embrace expounds on the vastness of our presence, with odes to specific energies and conditions graced by our “embrace.”
The Pathway highlights the spiritual journey to discovering the Oneness of the physical universe, and our intangible Self beyond it.
Here at Home brings enlightenment back to earth, with practical insights which pave the path ahead through presence and surrender to a higher fate.

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Here at Home presents an eloquent and intellectual refinement to neo-Buddhist publications, which can be relished not only by spiritually “seasoned” readers, but also by skeptic and empirically-minded persons in search of existential profundity. The timeless wisdom set forth humbly by Eckhart Tolle and tenderly by Jeff Foster, is conveyed with the embellishment of an author beset by synonyms and the erudition of a man who found his soul along the merciless path of scientific self-inquiry.


From Here at Home :


You are to Life…

As the sky is to birds
The cup is to tea
The space is to matter.

The eyes which give it light
The witness which bears its proof
The audience to its grand performance.

The presence which ennobles it
For without You, dust would dance alone
In the dark.


A flock of birds in aerial disarray, each flying fretfully about the others, as if the sky were too small for them all, as if the heavens were a bottleneck accommodating only a few. Or is their flighty tumult enticed by the spectacle of a horizon that never ends? No matter the instance, our Presence—vaster than the skies and all the realms beyond—has space in spades for them all.

The Path to Here

It is a long and tortuous road to be where we stand. Over mountains of empyrean highs, down valleys of profound lows, across miles of discovery and disillusion, newfound hopes and long-interred misgivings, the pathway to get where we are paradoxically stretches on. Though it never really begins and never really ends (because we have always been where we are), progress is made in a growing awareness of the movements and emotions which pass through us each and every moment. It begins, in a way, with an impractical acceptance of everything, and progresses with the gradual acceptance of our non-acceptance, a burgeoning defense of our prejudices and predilections, and an unconditional love for the beast which burns inside every one of us, exactly as our collective Mother intended.

Safe at Home

We are so safe here. Safe in our actions—in every move, thought, motion, word. Safe in the inevitability of this moment, as it is, as it has to be, as we have to be. Safe in the womb of the ineluctable present, safe on the shoulders of cosmic destiny. Safe in the scientifically irrefutable fact that we cannot be other than what we are. Safe in the certainty of our divine pardon. Safe in our oneness with all which “threatens” our safety. Safe in the immortality of the atoms which comprise our corporeal being. Even safer in the intangible Presence which survives its eventual disbandment.

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